Farid Kamil feels challenged by Nadiya Nisaa

Farid Kamil feels challenged by Nadiya Nisaa

Farid Kamil and Nadiya Nisaa star together for the first time in "Love, Supermoon".

22 Oct – Actor Farid Kamil admitted that he felt challenged by actress Nadiya Nisaa when they were paired together for Wan Hasliza's romantic comedy, "Love, Supermoon".

Even though the filming took place three years ago, prior to Nadiya winning any awards, the actor said that he had always regarded her as a talent with potential.

"Before she even won any accolades, I could see the quality in her acting. Even though she was new in the industry at the time, the impact she gave was immense," said the actor to Cinema Online during the movie's gala premiere at Cathay Cineplex, ECurve recently.

Sharing their experience on set, Farid revealed he was surprised by Nadiya's image and appearance as she looked exactly like a school girl.

"While filming the first scene, Nadiya made me think she was really a school girl. Her bespectacled look and the way she walked made me feel like I was left behind when it comes to thinking like a student. She was definitely something different."

However, the actor said it was good for himself to feel challenged as it did help him give a better performance so as to not be shadowed by her acting.

Apart from the two stars, the movie cast includes Rita Rudaini, Zain Hamid, Anne Ngasri and more.

"Love, Supermoon" is currently showing in cinemas.

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