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Fezrul Khan: "Mirip" is very challenging

Writer: Ashraf Nasser

Fezrul Khan learns a lot from the production.

9 Oct – Actor Fezrul Khan, who will soon be seen in local musical movie "Mirip", admits that the upcoming movie was very challenging to him as he had to portray two different characters.

According to the "Minyak Dagu" actor, he had to play Nik, who is a street artist, and Irwan, a businessman.

"The director and production crew from India are used to big-scale filming. The same applies to this movie," said the actor, as quoted by Harian Metro.

He added that the production is very particular on the shots and emotions portrayed, he had to do many takes for the things he previously considered as trivial in order to achieve the best result.

Even though the filming is very challenging and tougher than local productions, it was still a very valuable experience for the actor.

Fezrul appears in the movie alongside Reen Rahim and Ezzaty Abdullah.

"Mirip" opens in cinemas on 25 November.

Cinema Online, 09 October 2015

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