"Guang" feature film in 2016

"Guang" feature film in 2016

Kyo Chen Chongwei starred as Wei Guang in "Guang".

19 Mar – "Guang", a multiple-award winning short film by Quek Shio Chuan, is being made into a feature-length film.

According to a post on the upcoming film's official Facebook page, Reservoir Production is in the process of writing the script, with the release date for the feature-length "Guang" set for 2016.

The short film was released in October 2011, and has gone on to win numerous awards locally and internationally since then. At BMW Shorties 2011, it nabbed the Grand Prize award along with Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design and Best Actor.

Kyo Chen Chongwei's portrayal of the autistic savant has also earned him Best Actor at the 5th International Short Film Festival of Beau in Spain.

Quek Shio Chuan accepting his award at FFM26.

Quek Shio Chuan, who just last year won the Best Short Film award at FFM26 for his Petronas webfilm "Jahit", made the short film based on his own experiences; it was his life story of twenty years in 14 minutes.

"Guang" tells the story of two brothers. The elder brother, Wen Guang, has autism and attention deficiency disorder; he also has a secret passion. His younger brother coerced him into looking for a job to share his burden on making ends meet. Wen Guang is shown throughout the film searching for a job while also continuing his search for the final glass that will bring him a simple, pure, hard earned, fleeting moment of joy.

Take a look at the short film that has brought the light into Quek's life below:


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