James Lee to adapt crime shorts from Fixi books

James Lee to adapt crime shorts from Fixi books

James Lee is the founder of Doghouse73Pictures which produces the annual "3 Doors of Horrors" anthology.

6 Oct – The third edition of "3 Doors of Horrors" premiered at the Content Pitching Centre Malaysia last Sunday, where executive producer James Lee revealed his collaboration with local publishing house Fixi to produce an anthology of crime short films next.

James Lee giving speech before the screening of 2015's "3 Doors of Horrors".

Similar to "3 Doors of Horrors", James Lee's currently untitled Fixi crime short films will also be produced under his production house, Doghouse73Pictures with three fairly-new local directors to direct each short.

According to the producer of "3 Doors of Horrors" 2015 Edward Lim, the shorts will be adapted from Fixi's famous "KL Noir" series with directors Malek Hue, the director of photography for the first "3 Doors of Horrors", Khai Bahar who directed "Cuak", and We Jun, winner of FFM27's Best Short Film.

Edward Lim is the producer of "3 Doors of Horrors" 2015.


Fixi's famous "KL Noir" series. (Photo source: KL Noir's Facebook)

Lim also stated that the project is currently in production and will probably be completed by early next year.

This year's "3 Doors of Horrors" presents three new horror shorts directed by three new directors; "1,2,3" by Zeacht Liew starring Emily Chan, "Stay With Me" by Kenny Gan starring Koet Yee and "Phyu Phyu" by Ving Lee starring Azman Hassan.

The three directors of "3 Doors of Horrors" 2015, (L-R) Kenny Gan, Zeacht Liew and Ving Lee.


Stills from "3 Doors of Horrors" 2015.

"1,2,3" is already up on YouTube, while "Stay With Me" will premiere on the video-based radio channel On.FM for one night and also be released exclusively for two weeks on Daily Motion, starting next Monday.

The last short "Phyu Phyu" will debut on Viddsee next Wednesday.

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