Johan As'ari has 5 upcoming movies

Johan As'ari has 5 upcoming movies

Johan As'ari not setting any condition to avoid being in physical contact with actresses.

13 Oct – Actor Johan As'ari has five upcoming movies that will be showing in cinemas soon. The first of the batch will be "Juvana 2", a movie adapted from the popular drama series, coming to cinemas this 29 October.

"Alhamdulillah the offer is still the same as before, I have only recently finished filming an RTM telemovie for Maal Hijrah.

"The biggest challenge for "Juvana 2" was acting with several of my acting idols, including Pekin Ibrahim and Hasnol Rahmat," said the actor to mStar.

Apart from Johan, the Faishal Ishak movie also stars Zahiril Adzim, Adam Shah, Nad Zainal and Shera Ayob.

At the same time, Johan also touched on the subject of several actors' principle, whereby they set conditions that prevent them from making any physical contact with actresses during the filming of movies or dramas.

Johan praised such actors, saying that it was a good thing as it was everyone's right.

However, the "Dollah Superstar" will not be setting any such condition any time soon as long as things are not getting out of hand.

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