Leonardo DiCaprio working on "Robin Hood"

Leonardo DiCaprio working on "Robin Hood"

Leonardo DiCaprio, star from "Titanic" and "Inception".

4 Mar – Leonardo DiCaprio has his calendar full this year with two big movies in his slate.

According to The News Gazette, the first would be a tale on Robin Hood which will be produced by DiCaprio through Appian Way.

DiCaprio will be working with Joby Harold who will be writing the script for a much more serious take of the vigilante in "Robin Hood: Origins".

In the meantime, the "Titanic" star is also planning to produce and star in another film, "The Crowded Room", a role for which DiCaprio is said to be longing to play for 20 years now.

"The Crowded Room" tells the story of Billy Milligan, the first known person on trial in a court of law who suffers from a multiple-personality disorder that encompassed 24 different personalities.

Milligan's story was first popularised by Daniel Keyes's award-winning non-fiction novel.

(Photo Source: TheNYPost.com)

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