Michelle Yeoh plans to marry fiance next year

Michelle Yeoh plans to marry fiance next year

Jean Todt and Michelle Yeoh. (Photo Source: Clive Mason/Getty Images)

30 Dec - Malaysian-born actress Michelle Yeoh revealed recently that she plans to get married to fiancée Jean Todt next year.

According to Mingpao News, the actress revealed her intention on the mainland talk show, "Big Shot", saying that she has made up her mind for good after experiencing the major earthquake on her trip to Nepal back in April.

Michelle stated that while she and Todt were stranded in Nepal during the 8-1-magnitude earthquake, she was overwhelmed with the sound of screaming and buildings collapsing all around her.

The actress stated that she then heard Todt's voice shouting to her, "Come on, Michelle", enabling her to snap out of her fear and quickly fled outdoors.

Michelle stated at that particular moment, she realised how important Todt is in her life.

As for their wedding, Michelle said that they will get married next year, although the date has yet to be determined.

However, the actress assured that they will announce the date when the time comes, adding that she will not keep her wedding a secret.

(Photo Source: Clive Mason/Getty Images)