Movie stars to catch this Chinese New Year

Movie stars to catch this Chinese New Year

Big movies are hitting the cinemas this Chinese New Year.

13 Jan – With Chinese New Year just around the corner, GSC Movies has prepared a stellar lineup of movies to enjoy at cinemas during the festivities, such as "Triumph In The Skies", "Dragon Blade" and "From Vegas to Macau II".

However, not only will GSC Movies be bringing the movies into the country; it will also be bringing the movies' star-studded cast down.

The cast of "Lucky Star 2015" will be the first in line to meet their fans. Eric Tsang, S.H.E's Ella, Wong Cho Lam, Da Da and Lollipop will be touring West Malaysia from 7 to 8 February.

Jackie Chan's "Dragon Blade" expected to be a big hit.

On 11 February, some of the biggest names in the movie industry will visit Malaysia to promote Jackie Chan's "Dragon Blade". The film boasts a record-breaking budget of USD65 million, a production figure unheard of for Chinese movies.

"Dragon Blade" is expected to draw a big crowd as it stars not only Jackie Chan, whose 2012 film "CZ12" was GSC Movie's highest grossing title with a domestic collection of RM20 million, but also Hollywood stars John Cusack and Adrien Brody, as well as South Korean singer-actor Choi Si-Won, who are all expected to be in Malaysia next month.

Chapman To (R) stars in "King of Mahjong".

Up next, "King of Mahjong", starring Hong Kong actor Chapman To and Singaporean actor Mark Lee, will be meeting their fans from 13 to 14 February. The two main stars will be joined by the likes of Malaysian actor Adrian Tan, Hong Kong actress Ceronna Ng and more.

In conjunction with Valentine's Day – seeing that this is a romantic movie, after all – there will be a special Gold Class package for the much anticipated "Triumph In The Skies", which includes tickets, premiums and dinner.

There will also be a lucky draw on the day and the winners will get to meet the cast, including Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh in person on 15 February when the stars are down in Malaysia.

On 16 February, producer and lead star of "12 Golden Ducks" Sandra Ng will be in town to promote her latest comedy film that will have the audience in stitches, especially since the actress will be turning into a six-packed man in this movie.

The cast of "ATM".

Last but not least, GSC will be bringing the cast of "ATM" on a tour from Johor Bahru to Penang from 26 to 28 February. Fans will be able to meet with the likes of Stanley Feng, Lo Hoi Pang, and Joanne Yew, the actress known for her portrayal as female lead, Bee in last year's highest grossing local film in Malaysia, "The Journey".

In line with the movie's heartwarming story, GSC will be planning an activity suitable for the whole family, one that honours elderly parents and will bring them joy this Chinese New Year.

"They will be happy to see the stars in person," said Tung Yow Kong, General Manager of GSC Movies Sdn Bhd, "For years they have only watched the actors on the television, now they get to see them. It's a chance for sons and daughters to repay their parents."

Chow Yun-Fat stars in last year's "From Vegas to Macau" and its sequel this year.

Unfortunately for fans of "From Vegas to Macau II", the cast Chow Yun-Fat and Nick Cheung will be unable to attend any promotional tour as the actors are tied up with other commitments.

However, the movie is still expected to be a big hit this year, since its predecessor "From Vegas to Macau" was GSC's highest grossing Chinese New Year movie last year with a local gross of RM11 million.

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