Nadiya Nisaa declines similar roles

Nadiya Nisaa declines similar roles

Nadiya Nisaa prioritises acting satisfaction rather than the pay.

30 Sep – Actress Nadiya Nisaa admitted that she will not accept a role if it is one she has portrayed before.

"If offered a similar role for the second time, I will decline it. But if the role has a different side to it, I may consider accepting it," said the actress, as quoted by Utusan Online.

The "Terbaik Dari Langit" star added that she does not want to be labelled as an actress suitable only for one genre.

Even though she has won several accolades, the 30-year-old still considers herself as a newcomer who cannot be selective of the roles offered to her. However, she did voice her wish to play an athlete or to take part in an action movie.

Nadiya went on to explain she is not an actress who is after money and fame in the acting industry, because to her money is not the reward and does not bring forth the satisfaction she seeks from the industry.

The opportunity to work with great actors and directors is also what drives the actress to stay and keep learning the trades of the industry.

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