"Our Times" cast promises to sing to Malaysian fans

"Our Times" cast promises to sing to Malaysian fans

L-R: Dino Lee, Vivian Sung, Darren Wang and Frankie Chen.

21 Oct – The director and cast members of Taiwanese movie "Our Times" have promised a special performance for their Malaysian fans if the movie reaches RM5 million at the local box office.

"We will sing for you!" Director Frankie Chen announced during the movie's Meet the Fans session at Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya recently.

She said that she along with the cast will form a band and return to Malaysia just for the special performance.

Her directorial debut, a romantic comedy set in the '90s, stars actress Vivian Sung, actor Darren Wang and singer-actor Dino Lee, who also sang the movie's soundtrack, "Wo Men Qing Chun (我们青春)".

Dino Lee, Frankie Chen and Darren Wang meeting their Malaysian fans.

Previously, Darren promised to skinny dip if the movie earned more than NT$300 million at the Taiwanese box office. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately to some, the actor did not repeat the same promise to his Malaysian fans.

Set in 1994, "Our Times" follows Lin Zhen Xin (Vivian Sung), a plain high school girl who falls in love with the popular OuYang Fei Fan (Dino Lee). When she finds out that he is going out with the school beauty, she seeks help from Xu Tai Yu (Darren Wang), the school gangster, to get OuYang's attention.

"Our Times" opens in Malaysia this 22 October.

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