Hilary Swank clamps down on questions on Trump

Hilary Swank clamps down on questions on Trump

Hilary Swank after the press conference at the screening of her movie, "You're Not You".

26 Oct – Two time Oscar winner and Hollywood A-list actress Hilary Swank's appearance added some prestige for this year's Tokyo International Film Festival, but that doesn't mean you can ruffle her feathers with a question that's not related to the film she's come to promote in the country.

Taking questions from the international and local press pertaining to her ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) themed movie, "You're Not You", the actress refused to comment on a reporter's question who very oddly brought up American entrepreneur turned presidential candidate Donald Trump's infamous remark about Mexicans in America to get her views on it.

Asked the reporter from Mexico, "What are your views on Donald Trump's recent remark on Mexican immigrants in America who are made up of criminals?"

Swank whose grandmother's maiden name was Dominguez - making her part Mexican - was all class in handling the question but was noticeably baffled with the switch in the line of questioning going from her film to politics so suddenly.

"First of all I don't speak politics. That is just my motto. I'm here to talk about the film, so I'm sorry for that. I know you would like me to answer." Said Swank.

The emcee of the event then reminded everyone to stick to questions about the film and the press conference resumed to normal.

As actress and producer of "You're Not You", Swank plays Kate, a classical pianist who is diagnosed with ALS and through her newly hired caregiver, Bec (Emmy Rossum) they get through the daily hurdles of live including one where Kate's husband, Evan (Josh Duhamel), is discovered to be having an affair.

Hilary Swank at the Tokyo International Film Festival red carpet.

The 41-year-old actress also made a grand red carpet appearance during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo International Film Festival last Thursday.