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"Tron 3" will start production in October

Writer: Victor S

Garrett Hedlund played the lead, Sam Flynn in the last "Tron" film.

11 Mar – Disney's "Tron" sequel is finally moving a few steps ahead as its production will commence this 5 October 2015 in Vancouver, Canada.

The update comes from Vancity Buzz which claims to have insider information from trusted sources.

ScreenRant also added that "Tron: Legacy" director Joseph Kosinki is expected to return for the sequel as well, since he played an important role in bringing back the franchise to the big screen after the 1982 orginal movie with Jeff Bridges.

Kosinki, who had previously directed 2010's "Tron: Legacy" and the Tom Cruise starring "Oblivion", is best known for his computer graphics and computer generated imagery work featured in his films.

"Unbroken" and "Troy" star, Garrett Hedlund's Sam Flynn is the only star said to return for the sequel thus far. Hedlund's character is the son of Kevin Flynn, who was played by Jeff Bridges in the previous two "Tron" movies.

Hedlund will be seen next in the "Peter Pan" prequel film, "Pan", playing Hook, alongside Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara this 23 July 2015.

Cinema Online, 11 March 2015

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