Zain Hamid: "Love, Supermoon" reminds me of school life

Zain Hamid: "Love, Supermoon" reminds me of school life

Zain Hamid happy to act in a Wan Hasliza movie.

22 Oct – Zain Hamid is excited to be part of the cast for romantic comedy "Love, Supermoon" as it has always been the actor's wish to work under the direction of Wan Hasliza, as well as with the other cast members who are also his good friends.

Apart from that, one of the important factors that prompted the actor to accept the offer was the strong script.

"I like the script and the strong storyline," said Zain, during the movie's gala premiere at Cathay Cineplex, ECurve recently.

The movie has the ability to evoke the audiences' old memories, he added, bringing them back in time to when they themselves were still in school.

When asked about the challenges faced during the filming, Zain replied that they had to do it during the month of Ramadhan, though the cast and production remained unfazed despite having to fast.

"Alhamdulillah during the filming, no one complained of fatigue or said they couldn't do it, we give our best instead and everything went well. It was a good experience for me."

In "Love, Supermoon", Zain plays Sulayman, the best friend to Farid Kamil's Razak. Aside from Zain and Farid, the movie also stars Rita Rudaini, Anne Ngasri, Nadiya Nisaa and more.

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