Aaron Aziz is 'Malaysia's Andy Lau'

Aaron Aziz is 'Malaysia's Andy Lau'

Aaron Aziz in his first Hong Kong production..

10 Oct – Malaysia-based Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz recently starred in the remake of Hong Kong film "Special Female Force" as the main antagonist, and he was given the role because of his famous reputation as the 'Malaysian Andy Lau'.

During the press conference of "Special Female Force" at The Majestic Hotel, director Wilson Chin and producer Charlie Wong told Cinema Online that the 40-year-old actor is known to be the most handsome and famous actor in Malaysia, thus he was chosen for the role.

"The ladies told me that they want the most handsome guy in Malaysia to play the part!" said Wilson who is known for directing the "Lan Kwai Fong" series.

(L-R) Aaron Aziz, Charlie Wong, Eliza Sam, Chris Tong and Wilson Chin.

"We asked some of our colleagues here who is the most famous guy in this territory, and all of them said Aaron Aziz," added Charlie.

Due to the actor's popularity in Malaysia, the director is not worried about the film's collection in the country, and he also said that if the film performs well, they will consider shooting a sequel.

"I heard that Aaron is considered as the Andy Lau of Malaysia, so the collection [in Malaysia] really depends on you!" said main actress Eliza Sam, who was also present at the press conference.

Now that Aaron has made his Hong Kong film debut and will soon star in his second Hong Kong production, the actor has expressed interest in learning the Cantonese language since his voice had to be dubbed in "Special Female Force".

Aaron Aziz and Eliza Sam at the press conference.

"Special Female Force" follows a group of special female agents who is on a mission to capture a terrorist that causes the death of the members of The Rafflesia, a special female force from 25 years ago.

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