Asia Tropical Films not associated with YCP Films

Asia Tropical Films not associated with YCP Films

"Hungry Ghost Ritual" is produced and distributed by Asia Tropical Films.

29 Dec – Malaysian film production company Asia Tropical Films has released a statement clarifying that the company has no connection whatsoever with local production company YCP Film Productions Sdn Bhd, the latter which claims to be a subsidiary company of Asia Tropical Films.

On 28 December 2016, the movie producer and senior manager of Asia Tropical Films, Keoh Chee Ang received news from the company's partner in China that they have been approached by a woman named Michelle Chan from YCP Film who claimed to be associated with Asia Tropical Films.

Keoh Chee Ang (middle) together with Jazzlyn Loh and Raja Ahmad Shaidaley from
ImagineX Studios.

The company had also used Asia Tropical Films' name to collect funding for a Chinese film titled "The Ice Coffin Mystery" (冰棺之谜) on the Sina Weibo platform.

The movie has already collected more than CNY380,000 according to Sina Weibo
on 2 November.

"Asia Tropical Films was established in 2008. Although the company has collaborated with various overseas film and television production agencies, it has never set up a subsidiary company named YCP Film Productions Sdn Bhd, and Michelle Chan was never one of the shareholders of our company," Asia Tropical Films clarified in a statement.

"YCP Film also claimed that their company have previously worked with the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), Malaysian Radio and Television (RTM) and Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM), which has made us speechless."

The company also added that con woman Michelle Chan has previously been reported of scamming several TVB artistes too.

Keoh had since filed a police report to ensure the safety of his company and to remove all association with YCP Film.

Screenshot of the police report.

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