Fans treated to special "Doctor Strange" screening

Fans treated to special "Doctor Strange" screening

Several fans dress up as characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

28 Oct – Yesterday, fans of Marvel's newest superhero were treated to a special fan screening of the newly released "Marvel's Doctor Strange" at GSC Tropicana City Mall.

Organised by Outpost Productions, the same guys behind the Deadpool party in last February, the event saw the attendance of more than 180 Marvel fans.

The crowd screams with joy after watching the movie!

Several fans came to the event dressed up as characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as Deadpool, Captain America, Bucky the Winter Soldier, and of course, Doctor Strange.

Doctress Strange?

Oh no! Captain America and Bucky are fighting each other!

Captain America and Bucky are joined by Miss America and Spider-boy.

Spider-boy decides to join team Deadpool.

Director of Outpost Productions Richard Chua told Cinema Online that the event was also held in conjunction with Outpost's 10th-year anniversary.

Richard shows up as Doctor Strange.

Some of the special "Doctor Strange" merchandise at the event.

"We do these fan engagements every year for movie fans because when the fans gather together in one place, they will create a certain positive energy and it makes watching movies even more worthwhile," said Richard Chua.

After the screening, cosplayers with the best costume got to take home some awesome and exclusive movie merchandise, while some lucky fans also walked away with amazing lucky draw prizes.

The three best cosplayers of the night.

Doctress Strange wins best costume!

"Marvel's Doctor Strange" follows a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange, who goes on a journey to heal his hands after an unfortunate accident only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

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