FINAS to fund RM1.8 million to promote "Hanyut"

FINAS to fund RM1.8 million to promote "Hanyut"

The director wants the promotion of the film "Hanyut" to be done right to avoid box office failure.

16 Feb – After a delay of nearly three years since 2013, the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) is aiding film director U-Wei Shaari gather funds of RM1.8 million to promote his film "Hanyut".

""Hanyut" is a work that is good enough, and unfortunately it cannot be shown in cinemas yet because of financial problems for the promotion."

"After discussing and seeing for myself the promotions plan presented by U-Wei on Thursday. FINAS has agreed to assist with funding for promotional purposes," says the FINAS chairman Datuk Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib.

Mohd Khusairi said that they are aiming for the film that cost RM18 million to make, to at least release by mid-year or August next year.

"Hanyut" is a film that was adapted from Joseph Conrad's novel, Almayer's Folly and it stars Datin Sofia Jane, Peter O'Brian, Diana Danielle, Adi Putra, Khalid Salleh and James Corley.

In the meantime, director U-Wei needs a strong promotional strategy so that it does not fail at the cinemas like some of his previous works.

U-Wei also expressed his gratefulness when FINAS were willing to help his movie be successful. Although "Hanyut" has yet to be released, it already has been released in a few film festivals such as in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and America, and the upcoming Moscow Film Festival in Russia next June.

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