GAFIM's Dato' Jurey & FINAS' Dato' Kamil clear the air once and for all

GAFIM's Dato' Jurey & FINAS' Dato' Kamil clear the air once and for all

(L-R): Dato' Jurey, Dato' Yusof and Dato' Kamil agree to work together to improve the
local industry.

4 May – Following the brouhaha that was sparked by a letter from Dato' Jurey Latiff Rosli, president of Federation of Film Artistes' Associations of Malaysia (GAFIM), which reportedly criticised the current National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) administration, both GAFIM and FINAS have today taken the initiative to clear up the confusion.

In a press conference with the media earlier today, Dato' Jurey was present along with Deputy Chairman of FINAS Dato' Yusof Haslam and Director General of FINAS Dato' Kamil Othman to clarify the matter.

"I have been bashed because it seems as though I was going against FINAS," said Dato' Jurey. "I have never gone against it, I am a strong supporter of the government."

"My voice has to be heard so that the issue can be resolved. I'm hoping that once it's gotten this big, someone will 'pick up' and through political wins, the problems will be resolved," he added, referring to the issues brought up in his Switch Off 2014 campaign.

He explained that since FINAS happens to be the agency handling such issues, he had no choice but to direct his frustration toward the agency in asking for a better future for the local industry.

Denying any animosity toward Dato' Kamil, who joined FINAS during the time when Switch Off was taking place, Dato' Jurey said that in fact, Dato' Kamil joined FINAS because they are close friends and they have discussed it beforehand, of the changes that could and should be done.

"After a year, the industry starts asking Switch Off, why their salary is still the same. What power does NGO have to change this? The pressure was on me. It's been the same issue for the past 20 years," said Jurey.

(L-R): Dato' Jurey, Dato' Yusof and Dato' Kamil during the press conference.

"I stand by my principle," he replied when asked whether he regretted the content of the letter which started the whole recent controversy. "I take the responsibility for it."

Voicing his disappointment with social media posts that disparage him, Dato' Jurey revealed that he has handed the matter to his attorney and will be taking legal action on those who continue to denigrate him online.

He also announced that this will be his last term as the president of TV Producers Association of Malaysia (PVTM), which also means he will no longer be holding the post of president of GAFIM.

The decision to step down had nothing to do with the recent controversy but it was something that he had planned on doing as he has been in the industry long enough.

Dato' Kamil and Dato' Yusof voiced their support for GAFIM in asking for a better future and agreed that steps should be taken to resolve the issues brought up in the letter.

However, when asked to talk more about the letter, the three collectively agreed that everyone has to "move on", adding that they would like the issue to be put to rest and to focus instead on GAFIM and FINAS' united effort in improving the local film industry.

Dato' Jurey previously submitted a letter on behalf of GAFIM to Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd Salleh Tun Said Keruak, Minister of Communication and Multimedia, on 8 March to voice out his dissatisfaction with FINAS' administration. His action has prompted five associations to officially leave GAFIM on 26 April and recently started the trending of hashtags #KamiSokongKamil and #TakdokJureyAntaroKito on social media.

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