"Haunted Road 2" will have two different versions

"Haunted Road 2" will have two different versions

The cast, director and producers of "Haunted Road 2".

2 Jun – "Haunted Road 2" is set to be released in two different versions next year. The horror movie will have a version tailored specifically for the China market and another for foreign market.

"One is for markets like Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, another one is for China," said director Ryon Lee to Cinema Online at the movie's press conference yesterday.

The upcoming movie, a co-production between China and Malaysia, will have to be edited differently for mainland screening as China's Film Bureau does not allow films that promote cults or superstitions, though other Asian countries are notably more than comfortable with the notion of the super naturals (see the abundance of Asian horror movies).

"In China, the censorship doesn't allow ghosts, they don't admit the existence of ghosts so the story will need to be changed a bit," explained the director.

A promotional still from 2014's "Haunted Road".

The movie is the sequel to the 2014 Chinese horror thriller, "Haunted Road", directed by Yijian Tong. However, it will not be a direct continuation of the first movie as it will feature completely different story and cast – though one of the cast members, Muse Nee, will be returning in a different role.

Other cast members include Malaysian actor Teddy Chin, Chinese actress Mary Song, Chinese actor Leon Li and Thai actress, Sushar Manaying or more famously known as Aom.

Filming for the movie has begun since last Monday and is expected to wrap up within a month. The movie will be fully in Mandarin, except for some parts where Malay characters will be speaking in either Malay or English.

"Haunted Road 2" is set to make its way onto the big screen in April 2017, just in time for the Qingming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day.

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