Leonardo DiCaprio faces ban over palm oil comments

Leonardo DiCaprio faces ban over palm oil comments

Leonardo DiCaprio blames palm oil expansion for the deforestation in Indonesia.

4 Apr – Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio is well-known as an outspoken advocate for environmental issues – and this may have landed him in hot water with the Indonesian government.

"As the forest of the Indonesian Leuser Ecosystem continues to be cleared to meet demand for Palm Oil, the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan is being pushed to the brink of extinction," the actor posted recently on his Instagram account.

Citing "palm oil expansion" in an earlier post as the reason why Indonesian Leuser Ecosystem is being destroyed, the actor calls for the "rampant destruction" to be stopped.

While nature conservationists are in support of the actor's action, others are, however, rubbed the wrong way by the comments.

"We support his concern to save the Leuser ecosystem," said Heru Santoso, the spokesman for the Directorate General for Immigration at the Law and Human Rights Ministry, as quoted by Irish Examiner.

"But we can blacklist him from returning to Indonesia at any time if he keeps posting incitement or provocative statements in his social media."

Though at the moment, the "Revenant" star may have nothing to worry about as, according to foresthints.news, Indonesia's Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Dr Siti Nurbaya, said, "In light of this and to reciprocate his sincerity and good intentions, I am open to working together with DiCaprio in a joint effort whereby both of us can have our concerns addressed, including those that pertain to the Leuser Ecosystem."

The minister also clarified that DiCaprio would not be banned from entering Indonesia again or deported if he were to come by for a future visit.

(Photo source: Vancouver Sun)

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