Malaysian directs an Australian film

Malaysian directs an Australian film

Filmmaker Rizal Halim talking about "Lurking Woods".

16 Feb – Local film director, Rizal Halim is reportedly the first Malay director to direct an Australian film with his feature "Lurking Woods", which is a suspense thriller.

"The film is very thrilling and during the preview in Perth, Australia, we got a good response from the audience and there was even some who cried while watching this film," he tells Bernama.

According to Rizal, he is confident his latest work can garner success at an international level.

Rizal adds that he is excited and can't wait to eventually release his film in Malaysia.

The other Malaysians that were involved in the film are producer Rod Manickam who chairs Rodman Pictures Pte Ltd based in Perth, Australia and Desmond Hew as a screenwriter.

The rest of the crew and actors are Australians.

At the same time, Rizal also reveals that his team has plans to send their film to international film festivals such at Toronto, Hong Kong, Australia, Los Angeles and Canada's Film Festival.

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