Nadiya Nisaa sees "Interchange" as perfect

Nadiya Nisaa sees "Interchange" as perfect

Nadiya Nisaa believes Dain Said's latest work will repeat the success of "Bunohan".

3 Nov – "Perfect" is the word used by Malaysian actress Nadiya Nisaa to describe the upcoming Dain Said movie, "Interchange".

Nadiya, also known as Nadiyatul Nisaa Kamaruddin, who stars in the movie, guaranteed that the thriller will surprise audiences when it opens in cinemas this 1 December.

"I have yet to watch a local movie which has the magical touch that Dain Said injects into "Interchange","said the actress to Utusan Online. "It is so unique and interesting until it is like the most perfect movie."

"I've previously starred in "Dukun" too, which was also a great piece but unfortunately it wasn't released to the public," the actress added, referring to Dain Said's 2007 horror thriller.

Apart from Nadiya, "Interchange" also stars Malaysian actors Shaheizy Sam and Iedil Putra, as well as Indonesian stars Nicholas Saputra and Prisia Nasution.

Nadiya believes that "Interchange" will repeat the success of "Bunohan", another Dain Said movie released in 2012, which went on to win Best Film at the Malaysia Film Festival and Best Screenplay at the 2014 ASEAN Film Festival.

"Interchange" is already proving to be a success on its own as it has been screened at various film festivals even before opening in its home country of Malaysia.

It will be seen next as one of the six movies representing Malaysia at the 27th Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF), taking place from this 23 November until 4 December.

(Photo source: Nadiya Nisaa's Instagram)

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