Public reacts and FINAS responds about Bumiputera-owned status

Public reacts and FINAS responds about Bumiputera-owned status

FINAS Director-General Datuk Kamil Othman says "it is not relevant".

4 Feb – After the hullabaloo on social media, which has been abuzz with indignation after finding out about the latest addition to the local movie listing by the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS), Director-General Datuk Kamil Othman has stepped up to clear the issue.

"I would never sanction such a thing," said the Director-General, according to The Daily Seni. "It's just not relevant."

He added that moviegoers do not care for such information as they will watch it regardless of who made the movies.

Saying that it was never intended for public display, he explained, ""That column had to do with box office earnings and it's not about influencing tastes. In the full report - which is simplified before it is put up for public display - this column is used for statistical purposes."

The aforementioned latest addition is the inclusion of a "Pemilikan" column under the 2016 movie list tab that identifies whether a local production is Bumiputera-owned or not.

Datuk Kamil stated that FINAS has been compiling information on ownership and using it internally for the past two years, which is used for data analysis on local production houses.

Following this update, some concerned moviegoers have leave comments on social media, such as "I disagree with the "Pemilikan" labelling," and "Every local filmmaker has strived to give their best to the movie industry, regardless of their race".

Some even compare it to the #OscarsSoWhite issue, "I do not like it when certain parties label non-Malay movies and not allowed to compete for Best Film. That is a racial issue, much like the trending Oscars issue."

Cinema Online contacted FINAS for further comments, but the relevant parties could not be reached for comment.

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