Mamat Khalid: "Rock Bro!" is more personal

Mamat Khalid: "Rock Bro!" is more personal

"Rock Bro!" director, Mamat Khalid.

20 Oct – Mamat Khalid, the director of the "Rock" movie series, said that the latest instalment, "Rock Bro!", will be the last and there will be no more continuation to the big screen franchise.

"My latest work is more personal and is the last one for the "Rock" trilogy and it's impossible for me to produce a continuation. Only three "Rock" movies would suffice," said the director yesterday during the movie's premiere screening at mmCineplex ECurve.

According to the director, what he meant by the movie being "more personal" is due to the fact that it was not only about the band Rimba Bara but also the struggles during the rock era in Malaysia circa early '90s.

Mamat Khalid hopes "Rock Bro!" will be received well like the previous movies.

Aside from that, the story this time is told from the view of Rimba Bara leader, Jijo, and tells of the band's life up until the moment they finally became popular.

In fact, the new movie will showcase their involvement in the band, the challenges that they had to face including the political struggle and the changing environment of the local music industry at the time.

"Rock Bro!" cast (L-R): Azmi Bahron, Pekin Ibrahim, Amy Juliet, Khir Rahman and Soffi Jikan.

The new movie will also feature cameo appearances by famous local actors such as Datuk Hattan, Datuk Ramli Sarip, Man Kidal and Black Wings.

Produced by Grand Brilliance and Enjut Semut, "Rock Bro!" stars returning cast as well as new additions including Khir Rahman, Pekin Ibrahim, Azmi Bahron, Sofi Jikan, Kamarool Haji Yusof and Amy Juliet.

"Rock Bro!" rocks out in cinemas this 27 October.

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