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Star Cineplex Sibu has ceased operations

Writer: Florey DM

Star Cineplex Sibu has closed down.

1 Jul – Following the closure of its Kuching cinema back in April, Sibu is the next Star Cineplex location to close its shutters.

Star Cineplex Sibu officially ceased operations as of yesterday, 30 June.

When contacted by Cinema Online, the cinema's representative Ms. Jong revealed that the closure was due to "poor business performance".

However, she assured that remaining Star Cineplex locations, namely Star Cineplex Bintulu which is also located in Sarawak, and Star Cineplex Sandakan, located in Sabah, will not be affected by the closure.

Star Cineplex Sibu, which was previously Cathay Cinema, was the only cinema in the district. Other cinemas in Sarawak are located mainly in Kuching and Miri.

Currently, other cinemas that are operating in Sarawak apart from Star Cineplex Bintulu are GSC CityONE, LFS Riverside Kuching, LFS Summer Mall and MBO Spring Mall in Kuching as well as TGV Imperial City Mall and GSC Bintang Megamall in Miri.

(Photo source: uncleawangcapture Blogspot)

Cinema Online, 01 July 2016