Star Cineplex Kuching to close down end of April 2016

Star Cineplex Kuching to close down end of April 2016

Star Cineplex Kuching started operating in 1997.

1 Apr – After 19 years in the business, Star Cineplex Kuching will soon be closing its doors.

"For the past few years, we've had a few competitors," said Star Cineplex Kuching accounts assistant Ms Jong Hui Jee when contacted by Cinema Online, "We can't sustain [the business], so we will have to close down."

Ms Jong stated that they will not be selling the location but will only be closing it down, same as what was previously done with their Miri location.

However, operations at remaining Star Cineplex locations in Bintulu and Sibu, as well as in Sandakan, Sabah, will not be affected by the upcoming closure.

For the whole month of April, Star Cineplex Nostalgic Memories Sunday Market Sale will be held at Star Cineplex Kuching from 1pm to 4pm on every Sunday.

Movie merchandise, Star Cineplex T-shirts, CDs for children and even cinema seats will be up for sale during the market sale.

The seats will be priced at RM30 each and buyers will have the option of choosing their preferred seat, which will then be dismantled for them.

As the cinema will only be closing at the end of the month, the seats will only be taken from one hall, while the remaining four halls will still be used for movie screenings.

Star Cineplex Kuching started operating back in 1997, but has since faced stiff competition from other cinemas in the city, namely LFS Riverside Kuching, LFS Summer Mall, MBO Spring Mall and GSC CityOne.

Star Cineplex Kuching will cease operation on 30 April 2016.

(Photo source: Star Cineplex Facebook)