Stephen Chow threatens to sue for death hoax

Stephen Chow threatens to sue for death hoax

Actor-director Stephen Chow is less than happy about his supposed death.

24 May – He may be the King of Comedy, but Stephen Chow seems to lack any sense of humour when it comes to death hoaxes.

As reported on Mingpao News, on 20 May, his company Bingo Group's legal team issued a statement denying rumours about his death that has been reported by the tabloids recently.

The company stated that the false rumours not only had affected their business operation and Stephen's reputation, but also caused great distress to his family, friends, employees and fans.

Bingo Group also demanded that all fake news about his death be removed immediately or responsible parties will be facing legal consequences.

Rumors of the actor's alleged death spread like wild fire after an 'R.I.P. Stephen Chow' Facebook page was created by an unknown entity, which stated that the comedy star passed away at 11am on 22 May.

(Photo source: World Journal)

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