Tony Eusoff gets early release from prison

Tony Eusoff gets early release from prison

Tony Eusoff has repented following his arrest.

12 Oct – It was revealed that actor Tony Eusoff has received an early release from the Singaporean prison he was detained in for the last five months.

The actor was a free man again on 1 October, having previously been sentenced to eight months in prison after being found guilty of possessing drugs.

Tony, or Anthony Joseph Anak Hermas Rajiman, was released three months earlier than his original sentence due to good behaviour.

The 39-year-old actor admitted that he had learned his lesson and will not be involved in drugs anymore.

"Experiencing prison for five months has really caused me life-long regret.

"Being sentenced to prison is the biggest regret in my life. I feel guilty not only to myself but also my whole family," said the actor, according to Kosmo!

The "Sepi" actor shared that on the first day he entered Admiralty West Prison, the Singaporean authority informed him that he would be given an early release if he were to behave well.

He stressed that he will not look back and will keep moving forward in life.

Previously, the Sarawakian-born actor was given a prison sentence on 21 April, having been arrested on 12 March during an immigration check at Tuas Checkpoint for being in possession of 4.56 grams of cannabis mixture.

At the time, Tony had been travelling to Singapore to film a drama series, "The Hush".

(Photo source: Tony Eusoff's Facebook)