"Train to Busan" gets a Hollywood remake

"Train to Busan" gets a Hollywood remake

The gripping thriller took the world by storm with its raw script and stellar acting.

9 Dec – South Korean Zombie thriller, "Train to Busan", has now been confirmed to be remade in English.

This was confirmed by French studio Gaumont and the film's Korean distributor-financier Next Entertainment World (NEW).

According to Variety, Kim Woo-Taek, CEO of NEW said "We are more than happy to start our business with Gaumont, one of the greatest film companies with rich experience in terms of global projects."

"We hope this opportunity could let Korean films get more attention and be familiar with the audience all over the world," added the CEO.

Initially premiering in the midnight screening section of the Cannes Film festival in May 2016, the movie attracted interest from big names in showbiz such as Fox, Sony and even French moviemaking giants Studiocanal and EuropaCrop.

But amid the interest, the rights for the film have gone to a relatively newer French production studio, Gaumont.

Variety reported that, Gaumont's CEO, Sidonie Dumas, been chasing the rights for the movie ever since it premiered in Cannes.

Dumas added that they are excited to start working on the U.S. adaptation which will mark their first step into English-language moviemaking in Los Angeles.

"Train to Busan" tells the story of a man (Gong Yoo) and his estranged daughter ( Kim Soo Ahn) with other passengers who are trapped on a speeding train during a zombie outbreak in South Korea.

Capitalising on South Korea's current political state, "Train to Busan" cleverly knits political allegory with zombie outbreak to give us a new angle on a zombie attack with jaw dropping action sequences.

The horror thriller that co-stars Ma Dong-Seok, Choi Woo-shik and many others was declared a worldwide hit.

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