Wan Hanafi Su on his first Singapore production

Wan Hanafi Su on his first Singapore production

Fir Rahman and Wan Hanafi Su are the main cast of "Apprentice".

23 Nov – Veteran Malaysian actor Wan Hanafi Su shared his experience of working in a Singaporean production for the first time in Boo Junfeng's film, "Apprentice".

The 66-year-old actor along with co-star Fir Rahman and director Boo Junfeng was at GSC Mid Valley yesterday to promote the release of the movie in Malaysia, where the veteran actor was asked about the difference between working on a Malaysian and Singaporean project.

"To be honest, I prefer not to compare, but if I said that the Singaporean team is very professional, it sounds very cliché, but that's the truth – they really are!" said the actor.

"That's what I get from my experience of working with them, and let's not even mention the Australian team, they're also very proficient," he added.

According to Boo Junfeng, the movie was partially shot at several locations in Australia, especially the outdoor prison scenes.

Wan Hanafi Su and director Boo Junfeng.

"We needed to look for a prison and we couldn't find a location that was suitable or available in Singapore. We were hoping that the Pudu jail was somehow available, but it wasn't," Boo explained.

"So we couldn't find a location anywhere in Southeast Asia as well, but in the end we found two locations in Australia, and I convinced the producers to let me take the team to Australia."

Wan Hanafi Su also said that after meeting a former executioner in Singapore, his views on capital punishment had changed.

"We always have the impression that a person who takes another person's life must not be a good person, but in reality, the former executioner that I met, he is a very nice guy. So I took his traits as a reference for my character," he said.

The actor also added that before the filming of the movie, he spent his time around Geylang, mingling with the people there so that he can learn how to speak proper Singaporean Malay and English.

"Apprentice" is a drama which touches on the issue of the capital punishment from the point of view of an executioner.

The film stars Malaysian actor Wan Hanafi Su and Singaporean cast Fir Rahman and Mastura Ahmad.

The film comes to cinemas in Malaysia 24 November 2016 onwards at selected GSC Cinemas.

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