Eric Tsang wins Best Actor for the first time in 25 years

Eric Tsang wins Best Actor for the first time in 25 years

Eric Tsang is shocked to have won the award!

8 Mar – Twenty five years after winning his first Best Actor Award at the 1992 Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA), 63-year-old actor Eric Tsang finally bagged his second Best Actor Award at the inaugural Malaysian Golden Global Awards (MGGA) held last Sunday.

Tsang who rarely acts in lead roles, was surprised that he was nominated for the category and is thankful for that, but it surprised him even more when he won the Best Actor title over other nominees like Aaron Kwok, Kai Ko, Kwak Do-won, and Shahab Hosseini.

"Even though I was nominated, I already felt like I won. Because this is an international award, it's not some low-level ceremony, and the nominees are all great!," the actor said at the post-party of MGGA in Genting Highlands.

Eric Tsang at the red carpet.

"The Korean actor Kwak Do-won was in it, and he is amazing. Shahab Hosseini from the Oscar-winning "The Salesman" is also great. So I thought if anyone would win this award, it would be these two because going against them is not easy."

Tsang however joked that he doesn't see Aaron Kwok as a competitor in the category.

"I don't really mind not winning the award because I came to this event with no expectation that I would be winning at all. I only came to this event because this is the first Malaysian international film festival, and I need to support it," Tsang continued.

Although Tsang does wish that he'll win the category, his main intention of coming to the event is to show support, as Malaysians too have always been giving non-stop support to the Hong Kong film industry.

In 1992, Tsang won Best Actor for "Alan and Eric Between Hello and Goodbye", beating other nominees like Ray Lui, Stephen Chow, Chow Yun-fat, and Andy Lau.

Eric Tsang at the MGGA post-party.

"Winning Best Actor for "Alan and Eric Between Hello and Goodbye" is a miracle because I feel that my best achievement so far is winning Best Supporting Actor. I rarely win Best Actor because I don't get lead roles so often," he said.

In the upcoming HKFA this April, Tsang is nominated as Best Supporting Actor along with Paul Chun, Ng Man-tat, Philip Keung, and Liu Kai-chi.

When asked whether he is confident about winning, Tsang admits that it is hard to say as the competition is quite fierce though he does wish that he can get the award.

However, the famous star of the "Super Trio" series said that his biggest wish for this year's HKFA is to win an award together with his son, Derek Tsang who is nominated for Best Director for "Soul Mate".

"I wish that I can win an award together with my son at the Hong Kong Film Awards since we're both nominated. That would definitely be a dream come true," said the actor.

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