"Fast And Furious" franchise expected to end at 10

"Fast And Furious" franchise expected to end at 10

"One last ride." ...well, make it two.

21 Apr – The "Fast And The Furious" franchise has been going on for 16 years with the eighth and latest instalment breaking the box office record for the biggest opening weekend ever, bringing in over USD532 million worldwide.

A lot has happened since the first instalment came out in 2001 as a B-movie about car racing culture in LA.

They've travelled across the globe and pulled off impossible heists, they've lost the original star of the series, Paul Walker, and there have been reports of in-fighting among the cast, but the success of "Fast And Furious 8" shows you exactly how much the fans still adore it.

But no matter how much you adore or are exasperated by the long winding franchise, it seems that the end of "Fast And Furious" is on the horizon.

Neal Moritz, the producer who has been involved with each and every one of the films, confirmed it himself in an interview with Collider, "Fast And Furious 8" is just the beginning of the end.

The final scenes in 2001's "The Fast And The Furious" and 2015's "Fast And Furious 7".

"Fast And Furious 9" has already been confirmed to happen with actors Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Kurt Russell gearing up for a return.

And as for what comes after 9, Neal Moritz explained: "We kind of have the ending point of the franchise, but we don't know the in-betweens yet. [...] Yeah, the plan is to make two more movies."

So, one way or another, the series will end at number 10, which confirms what Vin Diesel said previously about "Fast And Furious 8" being the start of a new trilogy within the series.

Even though it was said that it would end after two more movies, one does wonder if the studio will want it to continue after 10, should the next two movies be highly successful.

Perhaps, the rumoured Luke Hobbs spin-off will get a greenlight? Or, at some point in the future, they would try to revive "Fast And Furious" with new characters-maybe make it something like a next generation kind of thing with the kids of the main characters?

Whatever their plans may be, it's still pretty far down the line. For now, we'll just enjoy re-watching "Fast And Furious 8" while it's still playing in theatres.

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