How "BvS", "Wonder Woman" link to "Justice League"

How "BvS", "Wonder Woman" link to "Justice League"

More details linking "Justice League" with other DCEU movies have been revealed.

29 Aug – More details have been revealed tying the highly-anticipated "Justice League" with two other DCEU movies, namely "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Wonder Woman".

It is known before that it was the Man of Steel's sacrifice that inspires the Dark Knight to find and recruit a team of metahumans to face off against a new threat. But it turns out that DC's first official ensemble movie is actually more closely linked to the 2016 movie than ever.

Confirmed by the latest issue of Total Film magazine, via We Got This Covered, "Justice League" will actually be a 'direct sequel' to "Batman V Superman".

Proceed with caution if you are wary of SPOILERS or would like to remain completely in the dark before "Justice League" brings light to you in cinemas this November.

The upcoming movie is said to open with scenes of "Superman in the grave after sacrificing himself during the battle against Doomsday. Batman and Wonder Woman are gathered in mourning before Steppenwolf makes himself known, leaving the duo to team up with other enhanced heroes."

The studio has previously announced that Steppenwolf will be the one who the Justice League will fight against in the movie, with the latter trying to prevent the Apokoliptian general and his pack of Parademons from getting a hold of the powerful Mother Boxes.

One of the Mother Boxes, as seen in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice".

So that's how the Caped Crusader versus Man of Steel movie ties in with "Justice League".

As for "Wonder Woman", the tie lies in the deleted epilogue from the Gal Gadot-starrer. Again, feel free to look away if you do not wish to know any SPOILERS about this scene.

Etta is on a mission in "Wonder Woman".

Fans will see a bigger tie-in to the "Justice League" plot as the Digital HD and Blu-Ray releases of "Wonder Woman" include a full version of its epilogue, titled "Etta's Mission".

The newly-revealed two-and-a-half minutes clip sees Etta Candy briefing the rest of the Wonder Woman team: Sameer, Chief Napi and Charlie, about a very old and powerful artefact and how they are now in charge of delivering it to the Americans.

The drawing of a Mother Box, as shown in the epilogue.

The artefact is later revealed to be a Mother Box, which has been confirmed to be the object of Steppenwolf's desire in the "Justice League" movie.

With that, it seems that the Wonder Woman team will be playing a significant role in the upcoming movie as well.

Directed by Joss Whedon, "Justice League" is set to open in cinemas this 16 November in Malaysia and Singapore, and 17 November in Cambodia.

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