"I'm Not A Terrorist": a Malaysia-Bollywood film

"I'm Not A Terrorist": a Malaysia-Bollywood film

Minister of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Nazri Aziz, with the cast and crew of "Aku Bukan Terrorist".

14 Aug – Arjin Uppal, the young and talented director of "I'm Not A Terrorist" (also known as "Aku Bukan Terrorist"), is confident that the collaborative work between local and Bollywood talents in his upcoming movie will be a hit in the theaters.

This is as the film will not only be released in Malaysia, but also in India.

"During the script-making process, I have already planned on screening this movie in other countries outside of Malaysia, and that is also the reason why I choose to join forces with Bollywood for the film's casting.

"It wasn't a difficult process to hire Bollywood's talents, given our good relationship with its representatives, which is how we were able to cast three big Bollywood names for this movie," he said during the trailer screening of the movie at TGV One Utama recently.

Arjin Uppal is grateful that the shooting process went well despite a few hiccups.

When asked about the challenges that he and his production team had to face during the filmmaking process that took place in Kashmir, India, Arjin mentioned that there were some big hurdles that had to be overcome during that time.

Some of which is the weather, whereby the days were too short for filming, while the below zero temperature forced them to shoot in freezing condition.

They also had to follow all the instructions given by the local authorities as the filming was located at a conflict area, where there were times that they were forced to stay in the hotel following a state of emergency.

Despite the challenges, Arjin said that the morals of the cast and crew were always high as they were all committed to completing the movie.

The film that costs over RM7 million to make will feature a local and Bollywood line-up consisting of Afiq Muiz, Chacha Maembong, Gulshan Grover, Rahul Dev, Farida Jalal, Kapten Khir Mohd Noor and a special appearance by Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan.

"I'm Not A Terrorist" is set for nationwide release this 5 October.

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