New "Lego Batman" theme song is super catchy!

New "Lego Batman" theme song is super catchy!

"There's a million heroes, but I'm the best of them all (Yeah!)!"

6 Feb – Judging from the trailers alone, you already know "The Lego Batman Movie", the spin-off of "The Lego Movie", will be one hilarious treat. Now here comes something more to add on to that Bat-tastic awesomeness.

Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump recently released the song he wrote and performed for the movie, aptly titled "Who's the (Bat)Man".

In the song, which he also posted onto YouTube, you get to hear Stump imitating Will Arnett's Batman voice, making it an even more engaging listen.

Be prepared for some giggling or flat out Joker-like laughter when you listen to the song as not only will you hear Lego Batman claiming he is "the manliest man" with "buns of steel" and "does the sickest backflips," the gem also contains the following lyrics:

You think my muscles are big (Dang!)
You haven't seen my brain
Ladies, it's okay if you stare (Why?)
Because I'm a billionaire!
And this is me playing guitar also (*followed by a sick guitar solo)

I get the last laugh
I get the final grin
Throw you into the asylum
With Harley Quinn
Turned two face
Into black and blue faced
I 100% am not Bruce Wayne

Take a listen to the song below and brace yourself, this just might replace that "Everything Is Awesome" song – the Shawn Patterson creation that was nominated for Best Original Song at the 87th Academy Awards – that has been playing in your head since "The Lego Movie" came out in 2014.

Get ready to have "Who's the (Bat)Man" stuck in your head.

Sing along to this song when "The Lego Batman Movie" bursts onto the big screen this 9 February in Malaysia and Singapore, and 23 February in Cambodia!

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