Raja Ilya has received her Marvel movie script

Raja Ilya has received her Marvel movie script

Raja Ilya prepares a big budget for her preparation to go to the United States next January.

20 Oct – Actress Raja Ilya revealed that she has already received the script for her upcoming Marvel project, but refuses to spill any details regarding the movie.

Raja Ilya, also known by her real name Raja Ramilah Begum Raja Mohammad, decides to keep mum as she is bound by her agreement with Marvel Studios, which states that the project will only be announced by the studio itself soon.

Previously, various entertainment portals have claimed that the "Soulmate Hingga Jannah" actress' Marvel project is only a publicity stunt.

That rumour was, however, later denied by Raja Ilya herself.

The 32-year-old actress refuses to be bothered by such gossips as she believes that those who spread them are the ones who will be ashamed once Marvel makes its announcement.

When talking about her preparation to film the movie next January, the actress mentioned that she has put out a large budget for the trip but sees it as an investment to make a name for herself at the international level.

"The money that I take out from my own savings will be used for the flight tickets, daily expenditure, and also the hotel booking for the period that I will be there.

"I do not see it as a waste for it is an investment that I am willing to make in creating a name overseas," she said, as quoted by mStar.

Raja Ilya is also looking to go for auditions in Los Angeles to try out her lucks, provided that she has the time for it.

(Photo source: Raja Ilya's Instagram)

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