"Resident Evil" franchise will be rebooted

"Resident Evil" franchise will be rebooted

There's gonna be more? So much for "The Final Chapter".

22 May – The "Resident Evil" franchise has not ended after all, seeing as they are planning to reboot the entire franchise.

Not a year since the release of "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter", Constantin Film Board Chairman Martin Moszkowicz told Variety at the Cannes Film Festival that the studio is developing a "Resident Evil" series reboot with six films, the same number as the original series.

This news isn't as unexpected as you might think since the original franchise managed to rake in over USD1.2 billion in total at the worldwide box office, making it the highest grossing film franchise based on a video game ever.

Constantin Film produced all of the previous "Resident Evil" films and still owns the rights to the franchise and they are playing it close to the vest by not revealing how or if the reboot would somehow be connected to the existing films.

It was also not revealed if any other the previous directors or stars, such as Milla Jovovich, would be returning for the reboot.

Though there is little chance of Paul W.S. Anderson, who wrote all six of the original films and directed four of them, returning for the reboot since he would be busy working on another video game based movie, "Monster Hunter", and any other sequels or spinoffs that project manages to produce.

Since the project was only just announced, nothing has been revealed about the plot, staff or cast, let alone a release date.

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