"Shuttle Life" director wins Golden Horse FPP for next movie

"Shuttle Life" director wins Golden Horse FPP for next movie

Tan Seng Kiat (middle) receiving the Grand Prize worth TWD1,000,000.

27 Nov – Bringing "Shuttle Life" to the big screen was made possible when Malaysian director Tan Seng Kiat won the grand prize at the 2014 Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP), his recent win at the 2017 Taipei Golden Horse FPP assures that he will soon have another movie in cinemas.

Tan received the Grand Prize of TWD1,000,000 (RM140,000) in cash at the awards ceremony held last weekend in conjunction with the 54th Golden Horse Awards.

The prize will be used to fund his upcoming movie, "One Fine Day".

His feature directorial debut "Shuttle Life" was also nominated in two categories at the 54th Golden Horse Awards.

However, the director lost the Best Director accolade to Huang Hsin-yao, who helmed "The Great Buddha". The same movie's cinematographer Nakashima Nagao also beat "Shuttle Life's" Chen Ko Chin in the Best Cinematographer category.

Popular on the film festival circuit, "Shuttle Life" has previously won various awards, including Best Cinematography at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival and 12th Chinese Young Generation Film Forum Awards in China.

(Photo source: UDN)

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