Two more countries calling for ban on "Wonder Woman"

Two more countries calling for ban on "Wonder Woman"

Two more Arab countries want to ban "Wonder Woman" because of its lead actress, Gal Gadot.

8 Jun – After Lebanon, Tunisia is now the second country that has demanded for the highly popular "Wonder Woman" movie to be banned from showing in its cinemas.

According to Tunisian reports, the theatrical release of "Wonder Woman" was suspended ahead of its premiere yesterday following a lawsuit filed earlier in the week by the Tunisian Association of Young Lawyers.

The reasons for the call of the ban are similar to why the movie was boycotted in Lebanon last week.

The association called the movie's Israeli actress Gal Gadot a "champion Zionist" in their lawsuit and pointed out the fact that Gadot once served in the Israeli army for two years and that she previously publicly praised Israel's military actions during the 2014 war in Gaza.

The Tunisian courthouse decided to halt the release of the movie while the lawsuit is being examined.

The movie was then removed from the Tunisian ticket-booking website, and their Facebook page was updated with a tag saying "suspend", meaning "suspended".

Will other Arab countries boycott "Wonder Woman" too?

"Wonder Woman" was also pulled from a film festival in Algiers, the capital of Algeria, a day before it was suspended in Tunisia.

The festival in question is the second edition of Nuits du Cinema which was jointly organised by the film distribution company, MD Cine and the cultural organization, Arts et Culture d'Alger to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

"Wonder Woman" was scheduled to be screened at the end of the week before it was removed from the line-up.

Though it is unclear whether this has anything to do with Gadot's background, the head of press of the distribution company of the festival, Amine Idjer, told Agence France-Presse that the movie was removed due to "administrative issues linked to exhibition rights", but that it would be added back to the line-up as soon as the issues were resolved.

Even so, a petition called "Non! Pas en Algeria!", meaning "No! Not in Algeria!", was launched to boycott the movie in Algeria last week, soon after the movie's ban from Lebanon was announced.

"Wonder Woman" was banned in Lebanon at the end of May, about two hours before it was scheduled to screen.

The movie has so far grossed over USD254 million worldwide, with USD125 million making up the total of its foreign earnings.

The Patty Jenkins helmed film is now known as the most successful female-led comic book superhero movie in history.

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