"Annabelle 3" set for a 2019 release date

"Annabelle 3" set for a 2019 release date

The demonically possessed doll Annabelle will be back to haunt audiences in 2019.

30 Apr – Warner Bros. has announced another movie out of the "The Conjuring" universe and has a date locked for next year.

The untitled third installment of "Annabelle" will be the newest entry out of the "The Conjuring" universe after this year's "The Nun", and is scheduled for a 3 July 2019 worldwide release date, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

It was also confirmed that screenwriter, Gary Dauberman, will have the director's chair making it his directorial debut after writing for all "Annabelle" movies.

It is still uncertain whether the movie will take place after the events of "Annabelle: Creation", which was a prequel, or continue the story of the demonic porcelain doll from 2014's "Annabelle".

The "Annabelle" movies are themselves spin-offs from James Wan's first "The Conjuring" movie and have made over USD564 million combined.

While waiting for the third "Annabelle" movie to be released, fans of the horror franchise will get to see "The Nun", another spin-off from 2016's "The Conjuring 2" come 7 September in North American cinemas this year.

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