"Badang" may be screened in India next

"Badang" may be screened in India next

L-R: Fauzi Nawawi with "Badang" leads, Fasha Sandha and Dato' Seri Aliff Syukri.

6 Feb – Latest local superhero film, "Badang", is set to open a new chapter in its journey to success as it was revealed that the movie just might be premiering in India soon.

Moreover, this comedic action film directed by Dato' Professor Madya Dr. A. Razak Mohaideen will be screened in five different languages in Indian cinemas.

"This movie received the attention of film distributors from India after they watched it for the first time at a screening at UiTM recently.

"We are still in discussion and if it's a success, the movie will be dubbed into five different languages in India," said the director after the premiere of "Badang" at mmCineplexes eCurve yesterday evening.

The director is also in talks with distributors from neighbouring country Indonesia to bring the movie to the cinemas there.

Despite admitting the difficulty in penetrating the Indonesian market, the director is optimistic that it will eventually happen.

The director, producer and cast of "Badang".

Talking about his latest movie, Razak Mohaideen said that it has been a while since audiences were treated to a local superhero movie, with the last one being KRU Studios' "Cicakman".

"I wanted to come up with something different and thought that a superhero movie will be the best, but the hero must be someone audiences will be able to relate to, and that is why I chose to base it on the myths "Anak Buluh Betong" and "Badang".

"In this movie, there is no regurgitation scene as in the myth. The name Badang will only be used for the alter ego name of Aliff Syukri's character, Badrul."

The "Anak Mami Nasi Kandar" director also explained his choice to cast cosmetics millionaire Dato' Seri Aliff Syukri as the protagonist, starring opposite Fasha Sandha.

Razak Mohaideen said that he could pick an actor who is experienced in acting but he wanted someone popular who was not an actor.

"Working with Aliff gave me an excitement that I have not experienced in a really long time because before this, I have always worked with experienced actors who already knew what had to be done.

"But working with Aliff, I had to pay extra attention. There are times when I scolded him for making repeated takes (for a scene). But it was all worth it as it made me recall the times when I first started directing."

Meanwhile, the director also praised the cast of "Badang" such as Aliff Syukri, Fasha Sandha, Fauzi Nawawi, Azhari Zain, Douglas Lim and more, who gave a lot of commitment and were well-disciplined.

"Badang" will be screening in Malaysia starting from this 15 February!

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