Carlos Chan suffers from insomnia due to hectic schedule

Carlos Chan suffers from insomnia due to hectic schedule

Carlos Chan has been busy promoting all his projects this year.

17 Jul – Although he is happy with the many opportunities that has been coming his way since filming TVB's "Daddy Cool", Carlos Chan recently admitted that the pressure of fame has also been multiplied.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who was seen promoting Kowloon Dairy's new pop-up store recently, shared that he has been suffering from insomnia due to his busy schedule.

"I think my physiological clock is quite unbalanced because of the filming schedule, the promotional campaigns and all these public appearances. It has been very tiring and I just find it hard to fall asleep," he said.

Carlos added that his upcoming movie, "House of the Rising Sons" - an autobiographical film about the famed Hong Kong band The Wynners - will also be releasing soon, and that he is hoping that the movie will be received well by the audience.

"I've been thinking about the promotions for the movie for a long time. I even thought about it before going to bed," he added.

When asked if his insomnia might have caused by his breakup from girlfriend Jennifer Yu, Carlos denied it, saying that he has already moved on from it.

"But I am not yet ready for a new relationship. I just want to spend more time with my family," he added.

(Photo Source: Carlos Chan Instagram)

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