mmCineplexes launches 'Coca-Cola Freestyle' dispenser

mmCineplexes launches 'Coca-Cola Freestyle' dispenser

Mr. Jason Teo, Director of Marketing and Business Development, and Ms. Lee Sook Yan,
Executive of Coca-Cola Malaysia, Growth & Innovation, pose with guests at the 'Coca-Cola Freestyle Launch'.

19 Oct - Ever wished there were more choices of drinks to quench your thirst with while munching popcorn at the cinema?

Enter mmCineplexes eCurve at Mutiara Damansara, where more than 50 refreshing drinks are offered via their newly launched 'Coco-Cola Freestyle', a fountain dispensing beverage machine.

The first of its kind in Malaysia, 'Coca-Cola Freestyle 7000' – as the machine is called- allows consumers to mix their very own drinks from a wide variety of flavourful options.

"We are super excited to be the first to introduce this cool innovation and are confident it will excite Malaysians," said Mr Jason Teo, Director of Marketing and Business Development at mmCineplexes at the launch event held earlier today.

"Consumers can create their own exclusive drinks by mixing and matching what they like. It's all about enjoying a world of choice and freedom to choose."

Using a touch-screen interface on the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser, consumers can make their beverage choices that are also offered in low or no-calorie options as well as caffeine-free or fruit-flavoured drinks.

With Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Dasani and A&W offered as the main 'base' drinks, consumers can pick their choices of added flavours like cherry, vanilla, mango and lychee; where the latter two flavours are exclusive for the Malaysia and Singapore markets.

Over 40 of the beverage combinations are said to be not available in supermarkets and among the current unique favourites are Lychee Sprite Zero and A&W Rootbeer Zero Cherry Vanilla.

The 'Coca-Cola Freestyle' machines are located next to the concession counter at mmCineplexes, eCurve.

'Coca-Cola Freestyle' is now available at mmCineplexes, eCurve with a surcharge of RM1 to RM1.50 over the price of a regular drink or concession combos.

However until mid-November, consumers can enjoy the 'Coca-Cola Freestyle' upgrade for their concession purchases for free without any surcharge.

Currently there is also an online contest called mmCineplexes What's Your Favourite, where participants can stand a chance to win a month-long free supply of 'Coca-Cola Freestyle' beverages as well as mmCineplexes movie tickets!

All one has to do is to take a photo of themselves enjoying a 'Coca-Cola Freestyle' beverage, state the flavours and why they love it. Share the photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #mmCineplexes and #CocaColaFreestyleMY, and hope for the best!

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