Daniel Wu upset over Emmy snub for his stunt team

Daniel Wu upset over Emmy snub for his stunt team

Daniel Wu plays the lead in the AMC TV series, "Into The Badlands".

24 Jul – "Into the Badlands" actor-producer Daniel Wu recently expressed his frustration over the lack of nominations for his stunt team at the upcoming Emmy Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor recently shared a screenshot of the list of nominees for Emmy's Outstanding Stunt Coordination category, writing, "Here is the #Emmy list of nominees for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Limited Series or Movie 2018. I started to write a long-detailed post about this but decided to see what your responses are first. I understand we are a genre show but we should OWN this category!"

"Why do you think this happened? Why do you think we get no love within the industry? Action Coordination is the obvious one but what about Costume Design? Set Design? Cinematography?" he posted, adding the hashtag "snubbed".

In a podcast interview with Third Person recently, Daniel said that he feels sorry for his team, who consists of people from around the globe, for being snubbed after doing a great job choreographing all the fights for the show.

He expressed, "It's a hard world for some people. To be able to put a show in your resume that got an Emmy nomination or any nomination for action is a big deal for those guys and I [am angry] for them. They put their [lives] on the line every day, and not to get recognition..."

He added that the only show in the list that actually deserves a nomination is "Game of Thrones".

The current nominees in the category includes "The Blacklist", "Blindspot", "The Punisher", and "Westworld".

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