Dain Said: No scenes were cut from Dukun

Dain Said: No scenes were cut from Dukun

Director Dain Said (middle) with the cast of his long-awaited movie, "Dukun".

5 Apr – After more than a decade of being allegedly banned from Malaysian cinemas, Dain Said's "Dukun" finally sees the light of day when it was screened for local audiences for the first time yesterday.

Despite some speculations of it having certain scenes removed or reedited for the final cut of the movie, all of those are proven untrue by director Dain Said himself.

"There weren't any scenes that were cut from the movie; it was just an audio snippet from it," he revealed at the screening of "Dukun" at Suria KLCC yesterday.

"I remember a line missing from what I saw just now, which I think is important to the movie and a very quotable one too," he added.

When asked what the line was or who among the cast said it, he declined to give an answer.

Vice president of Astro Shaw, Najwa Abu Bakar, also supported Dain's statement, clarifying that the only thing changed for the movie was a small audio edit.

"Dukun" was initially set for release in 2007 but was banned for its sensitive issues and plot that resembled a real life high-profile murder case that happened in 1993.

"I was pleasantly surprised and happy mainly for my actors because I know when we did the movie, it was an exciting time for us all," Dain Said recalled when he first found out that his movie is finally releasing after a long wait.

"Dukun" follows a desperate father who makes a deal with a suspicious alleged murderer, Diana Dahlan, to help him find his missing child, only to find out the truth about Diana's sinister plans.

The movie, now showing in Malaysian cinemas, stars Umie Aida, Faizal Hussein, and Nam Ron in lead roles.

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