Farid Kamil arrested yesterday, to go to court today

Farid Kamil arrested yesterday, to go to court today

Farid Kamil is said to be emotionally distressed.

12 Jan – Actor and director Datuk Farid Kamil will be brought before the Magistrate Court today to obtain a remand order for further investigation, after he lost his temper and attacked a police officer as well as two civilians at the Kota Damansara police station yesterday.

According to Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zani Che Din, the police chief of Petaling Jaya, urine test conducted on the "Tombiruo: Penunggu Rimba" actor has also tested positive for marijuana.

Elaborating on the incident that took place, Mohd Zani said that the actor arrived at the police station with a friend to make a report regarding a road accident.

"When a police officer asked regarding the purpose of filing the report, Farid showed a Whatsapp message that stated "300 artistes borrowing money from loan sharks"

"He suddenly lost his temper and slapped the police officer, which was witnessed by another police officer and three civilians. Aside from slapping the police, he also kicked two other civilians," said the police chief as quoted by mStar.

Following the incident, Farid will be investigated under Section 90 of the Police Act, for inappropriate behaviour at a police station, and Section 323 of the Penal Code, for assault.

Meanwhile, actor Sofi Jikan has asked the public to give some space to Farid and not to pressure him on the incident.

The 48-year-old actor revealed that Farid is emotionally distressed at the moment and facing various personal as well as career problems, leading to him lashing out as he did.

Sofi is saddened that many are leaving threats and bad comments for the actor without knowing what is really going on, and has asked for the public to wait until Farid gives his own statement.

Admitting that his relationship with the actor, who is the husband to actress Diana Danielle, is as close as real siblings, Sofi said that Farid has previously voiced his intention to fight for the fate of artistes who are facing troubles with "ah long" (loan sharks).

"Farid is passionate in fighting for artistes' lives and he is very sensitive when there are issues related to artistes such as the news "300 artistes borrowing money from loan sharks". Something must have provoked him to act out as he did."

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