Fan Bingbing threatens lawsuit against contract exposure

Fan Bingbing threatens lawsuit against contract exposure

Fan Bingbing threatens legal action.

31 May – Fan Bingbing's camp has recently slammed Chinese host Cui Yongyuan for exposing private information about her remuneration for the new movie, "Cell Phone 2".

As reported on Phoenix, Cui shared several contract documents online and revealed that an actor has signed a contract for RMB 10 million to star in a movie, adding that the person in question is "not even that good of an actor".

Even though he blurred the part where the name is mentioned, it was not hard to speculate that he was talking about Fan, who has become a big star since working in the original film in 2003.

Soon after, the actress issued a statement via her studio slamming Cui for his action.

The studio stated that "Cui Yongyuan's public release of confidential contracts and his blatant humiliation of Ms. Fan Bingbing both violated the business rules and infringing upon the legal rights of Ms. Fan Bingbing."

Thus, the company stressed that it has the right to take legal action against the people responsible for the relevant issue.

(Photo Source: Soompi)

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