Jelly Lin Yun to return as lead in "The Mermaid 2"

Jelly Lin Yun to return as lead in "The Mermaid 2"

Jelly Lin in "The Mermaid".

15 Mar – Rumour has it that Chinese actress Jelly Lin Yun is set to return as the clumsy mermaid in the upcoming sequel to Stephen Chow's hit 2016 movie, "The Mermaid".

Despite earlier rumours that the comedy auteur will be seeking another fresh talent to play the lead, several photos shared by the actress on social media seemed to reveal the opposite.

Lin, who posted photos of several packed cardboard boxes at her home, wrote, "Coming into the set is like moving house. The first thing that must be packed is the stuff on the dressing table. Prepare equipment, bought new selfie stick, and looking forward to a fulfilling filming experience."

Stephen's assistant, Chen Zhenyu later commented on the post, "Hello, Shan Shan", which is the name of Lin's character in the movie - indicating that Lin will be returning to the franchise.

Prior to the latest rumours, many speculated that Stephen will be casting SNH48 member Jenny Sun to play the lead in the sequel, after she stood out in a variety show held to recruit new talent for the said movie.

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