John Legend and "Black Panther" actress team up for comedy drama

John Legend and "Black Panther" actress team up for comedy drama

John Legend will be producing the US remake of French comedy drama "Le Brio".

5 Nov – Oscar winner John Legend has a new movie project lined up and it is set to star "Black Panther" breakout actress Letitia Wright as the female lead.

Legend will be producing the US remake of the Cesar-nominated French movie, "Le Brio", Variety is reporting.

24-year-old Wright will be taking over the starring role played by French singer-actress Camélia Jordana in the original 2017 comedy drama, though there is no word yet on who will be playing the male lead opposite her.

In the French movie, Jordana portrayed a girl of Algerian descent whose prejudiced professor Pierre Mazard (Daniel Auteuil) has to train her for a prestigious speech contest the Assas University in Paris is well-known for, after he publicly berates her with racist remarks.

Letitia Wright (L) will play the starring role originally played by Camélia Jordana (R) in 2017's "Le Brio".

The US remake will explore the same complex professor-student relationship but will focus less on the speech contest and be more political.

"With [John Legend's] Get Lifted Film Company's great creative input, the remake will have more of a political bend than the French film to reflect the current tense climate and race relations in U.S.," said French producer Dimitri Rassam, who is co-producing under his Paris-based banner Chapter 2.

Currently there is no director attached to helm the project.

Aside from the US remake, "Le Brio" is also getting a German remake and an Italian remake.

Wright, who is best known for playing the smart and witty Shuri in the MCU, was last seen in this year's "Avengers: Infinity War" and will reprise the role for next year's untitled "Avengers" movie.

(Photo source: John Legend's Instagram)

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