Julian Cheung reveals former manager stole from him

Julian Cheung reveals former manager stole from him

Julian Cheung revealed his former manager stole from him.

28 Jun – Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung was recently seen at a Hong Kong District Court to testify against his former manager, who was accused of embezzling his money.

As reported on SCMP, the actor told the court that the accused, Leung Nga Sze, who allegedly cheated him of approximately HKD 1.5 million, was a staff of management firm Markwin Investment, chaired by Stephen Shiu Jr., who was managing his career at the time.

He admitted that he began to suspect Leung of stealing from him during a work trip to Malaysia in 2014, claiming that the latter would siphon off a portion of his earnings by not reporting the full fees to Julian nor the company.

These fees were part of Julian's previous endorsements with several companies, which include sportswear giants Adidas and Reebok, and the Malaysian health equipment company Ogawa.

In the case of his endorsement deal with Ogawa, Julian revealed that he was told by Leung that she has negotiated with the company and was only able to get him a HKD 3.88 million contract, only for Julian to find later on - following an incident at a concert in Malaysia - that his contract with the company was actually worth HKD 4.8 million.

Although Leung has never directly confessed to Julian, the actor said that the former manager's face had given her away. He also stated that Leung has reportedly confessed to Stephen about the embezzlement and returned the money the following day.

Julian has made no response to the media about the case following his day in court.

The actor can be currently seen in cinemas in the action film "The Leakers" alongside Francis Ng and Charmaine Sheh. The Herman Yau directed movie about a fatal disease pandemic was filmed in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

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